Unconscious Bias E-Learning

We offer our successful Unconscious Bias awareness training also in an eLearning format. The participants decide for themselves where and when they learn – with their smartphone, tablet, laptop or in the office.

The Unconscious Bias eLearning has a learning time of 35 minutes and is available in 11 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, (Mandarin) Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese und Malayan.



Your benefit:

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    Compact review of the topic of unconscious bias

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    Playful way to sustainably build awareness for the topic

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    Decision guides as tools for sustainable implementation in practice

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    High quality through scientifically sound content

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    Adaptation to your CI and content adaptations possible

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    Available as SCORM/ACC/xAPI package for implementation into your LMS


Our Services:

In our Unconscious Bias eLearning, users are sensitized to the topic of Unconscious Bias. As no previous knowledge is required, the eLearning is an ideal introduction to the topic.

The eLearning addresses the following subject areas:

Perception processes

How do we perceive others – and how can this affect our behavior and our (personnel) assessment.

Thought processes and bias

Functional mechanisms of human thinking – which strengths and weaknesses are associated with it.

Biases in the work context

How do gender biases, peer pressure, similarity effects, etc. affect decisions in the areas of recruiting, personnel development, personnel appraisals, contact with customers, etc.?

Strategies against one’s own biases

Scientifically proven methods to change your own thought patterns.

Anti-Bias strategies

You can reduce biases and promote an inclusive organizational culture with behavioral economic interventions (nudges) and changes in the decision architecture.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are brought to life by the people in your organization. With our holistic learning concept, we take your entire organization with us on the DEI journey. From your top management through the various management levels to your employees, we want to win over all levels for DEI through engaging, interactive and hands-on training. Our e-learning formats are suitable as a supplement to live trainings or as a method for individual awareness building.

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