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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) has become a central pillar of social sustainability. The European Union’s directives for social sustainability reporting (CSRD, ESRS, CSDDD) have accelerated this development. Also, external stakeholders use ESG ratings, diversity audits and the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goalas as points of reference. We support you in meeting the requirements of sustainability reporting and of ESG rating agencies with regard to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Together, we will prepare your organizations for a socially sustainable future.

Your benefit:

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    DEI strategy as an important building block of a holistic (social) sustainability strategy

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    Identification of impacts, risks and opportunities (double materiality analysis) in relation to social sustainability and in particular diversity and inclusion

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    Definition of KPIs at the interface between DEI and sustainability

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    Improvement of data quality for reporting requirements on CSRD, ESRS, ESG and SDG

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    Increasing the attractiveness of the company for external stakeholders


All products Analysis and Assessment

The substantial analysis of the status quo of an organization is the basis of holistic diversity management. It is important to look both inwards and outwards: We determine the maturity of your organization by taking stock of existing initiatives, measuring your organizational culture and examining your external appearance. Through smart benchmarking, we identify unused potential and unique selling points. Our ESG and CSRD Check takes the requirements of rating agencies at the interface of diversity and sustainability into account, which is becoming an increasingly important topic. At the same time, we support you in meeting the requirements of social sustainability reporting set by the European Union and in improving your achievements in social sustainability.

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