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The HDI Group is one of the largest European insurance groups. It is active in more than 175 countries.

As DEI is a high priority for the HDI Group, they wanted to offer awareness workshops to managers and employees in all areas, encourage reflection and promote an open mindset by means of a change of perspective.

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We conducted an Unconscious Bias and Inclusive Leadership learning program for managers, employees, HR managers and sales employees. In order to achieve sustainable learning effects, the training was implemented in several phases.

To be able to reach as many people as possible, our learning program included different formats, such as online and face-to-face workshops, impulses and eLearning nuggets.

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Impact – The Client’s Voice

Through the multi-level training developed together with factor-D, it quickly became clear that nobody acts without prejudice. The participants experience many aha! moments which subsequently led to noticeable changes in attitude and behavior.

The cooperation with factor-D is characterized by great reliability and flexibility, so that we can reach our managers and employees with different formats and put emphasis on different content that suits the respective target group.

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